Jena | AHS Majorette Class of 2019 Video Session | Auburn Senior Portraits and Films | Lauren Beesley Photography

Today, I’m excited to share something a little different with you! Most of my senior sessions are photo-focused with video highlights….but this past week I met up with a senior and her mom who did the opposite! Jena is a super sweet and smart and talented girl, and one of her awesome talents is baton twirling! We took this skill and ran with it to create this fun, dynamic senior year film! When we met for this session, Jena’s mom and I talked about how there are certain things that, as much as it pains me to say it, photos can’t do justice. That’s why I love being able to capture people in motion as well as still images. And speaking of still images, you know the photographer in me couldn’t help but snap a few photos during our video shoot too ;) Enjoy these final photos and film from one of the first of many video-focused sessions to come!

Makeup Credit: Abbie Clayton - Makeup On A Mission

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