Rachel | Auburn High School Class of 2019 | Auburn Senior Portraits | Lauren Beesley Photography

I’m so behind on blogging, you guys. It’s not even funny. There are so many awesome senior photo sessions that happen all the time and I get so wrapped up in editing and delivering photos that blogging becomes secondary - which is such a shame! Because beautiful seniors and sessions like Rachel’s should 100% be shared!

rachel senior photos auburn alabama

I had the honor several years ago to take Rachel’s older sister’s senior photos, way back when I was still practicing my photography and editing skills. But like Rachel, her sister Becca is also super photogenic and was the perfect model, and was one of the early sessions that helped me realize that I love senior portraits!! Here’s a bonus collage from Becca’s session just for fun :)

Becca Collage.jpg

Back to Rachel now! Rachel is a really cool person. On the outside, it’s immediately obvious that she has a really great personal style, one that doesn’t quite fit one mold, and no one else really does it quite the same way. It’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s vintage, it’s somehow dressed up and casual all at once, and I love it. She also has some really fantastic makeup skills, so just in case you were wondering who the artist was for this session…it was all Rachel!

red felt hat senior portraits auburn alabama lbeesleyphoto
auburn alabama arboretum senior portraits red

Rachel also has a really great sense of humor. I asked her what kinds of things she might like to include in her session (expecting answers similar to musical instruments, or something representing a hobby or achievement), and Rachel’s immediate response was both surprising and absolutely wonderful. “I really love chicken nuggets.” And that’s when I realized that Rachel may be the coolest person I know.

mcdonalds senior photos chicken nugget photo shoot auburn alabama

She also said she loved her cats. And her boyfriend Dirk. The cats couldn’t come with us to the park, but Dirk did!!

high school senior photos auburn alabama

This was Rachel’s homecoming dress last year - so pretty! It contrasted so well with the golden hour lighting we had for her session.

auburn university senior photos lbeesleyphoto
black homecoming dress golden hour senior photos

Here’s a look at Rachel’s session in video!! So much fun. Glad to have Rachel on my Class of 2019 Senior Rep Team this year!