Bailey | Opelika High School Class of 2019 | Opelika Senior Portraits | Lauren Beesley Photography

I first met Bailey when volunteering for the Distinguished Young Women program in Lee County (see a few of our favorite talent photos from the program below). Bailey is a beautiful, talented, and poised Opelika high School senior, and I am so glad she and her mom also chose me to be her senior portrait photographer.

lee county alabama distinguished young women

When planning this session, Bailey’s mom told me that she loooves Bailey’s arms. And I think it’s clear why! This gold top was a favorite outfit when it came time to choose our top photos, and a big reason was that it shows off Bailey’s beautiful arms, which are a testament to her dedication to her sport. I was so impressed when I heard she wakes up early every morning to go work out with the coaches. I've seen some pretty incredible cheerleading and tumbling performances from this girl, so clearly she is doing something right. I never cease to be amazed by the talent of the young people I work with for senior photos.

opelika high school senior photos strong arm pose

I hope you all enjoy these photos from Bailey's senior session as much as we enjoyed taking them! Best of luck to Bailey as she completes her final year of high school!

gardens opelika high school senior portrait photographer