Mitchell Family | Smiths Station Family Portraits | Lauren Beesley Photography

As a bonus perk for my Class of 2019 Senior Reps, each of their families receive a credit for a family portrait session! The Mitchell family was the first to cash in on their session since their son was going off to school for the year and we all know how hard it is to coordinate schedules around holidays and school breaks and all that fun stuff! So I'm glad we were able to make it work this summer!

During session consultations when we talk about locations and outfits, I will usually ask is using the client's home is something the family/senior is interested in. It's not super often that people take me up on it, but when they do, it's magic! Your home and neighborhood are meaningful places and unique to you and your family and I love creating these kinds of images.

mitchell family photos smiths station alabama photographer lauren beesley

For fun, we recreated an old family photo from this location in front of the Mitchells' house with Claire standing on the rock (and her brother)! I wish I had a copy of the old photo to share here too - it's so fun to see the difference several years can make, and what stays the same. This family is really fun to be around, all have a great sense of humor, all down to earth and sincere. It's been a blessing to spend time with them!

smiths station alabama family portraits lauren beesley photography
smiths station auburn alabama red and black family photos lbeesleyphoto
red and black family photos lauren beesley photography auburn alabama
sibling photos lauren beesley photography smiths station auburn alabama family photographer

I also love that because we were already by their house, we were able to include the furry siblings for a few photos :)

family photos with pets lauren beesley photography auburn alabama photographer

Fun fact! If you follow me on instagram, up until last week I have only posted senior portrait photos in my feed. The Mitchell family recently became the first #FamilyFriday feature! I think it's really important for my seniors to feel like my instagram page is "their space" where they can keep up with the trends and see their friends' photos, get inspiration for their own outfits and locations, so I want to keep that as a focus.....but I just love my seniors' families so much too! So from time to time I'll post for #FamilyFriday and share some favorite images from my seniors' family sessions! Stay tuned for more!