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This summer, I've had to put 4 - FOUR! - different senior photo sessions on standby for rain. Luckily, by about noon on the day of Morgan's senior session, we were able to get the all clear from our indecisive weather authorities...and I'm so glad because I'm not sure I could have waited!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Morgan. We met earlier this year when she helped model for a test shoot, so I already knew she's a beautiful girl to photograph, but she is also probably one of the most easy going seniors I've met this year. She brought great ideas to the table while we were planning her session, but at the same time was totally open to whatever suggestions we came up with, which made for a fun collaboration! We went all out for Morgan's photos with hair and makeup, I brought some boutique clothing with me for her to use in addition to her already awesome wardrobe, and it all just came together so well!

monkey park senior portraits lauren beesley photography

We started our day by visiting the wonderful talented Abbie Clayton for hair and makeup. She always does a fabulous job bringing out people's natural beauty, and she nailed this neutral toned look for Morgan. It worked perfectly with all of Morgan's outfits, and held up well against all the humidity and wind we had that day!

historic downtown opelika senior portraits lauren beesley photography

One of our favorite looks was this beautiful romper from The Tiny Closet Boutique!

downtown opelika senior photos lauren beesley photography
historic downtown opelika portraits lauren beesley photography

I also loved this flowy boho style dress that we picked for Morgan. To quote Morgan, she looks "like a Princess!" These are only a few of our favorites from this session, and since she is another one of my amazing Senior Reps, I know we'll have many more favorites to share over the course of this year! Scroll to the end to see her Senior Session Film!


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