Cole | Auburn High School | Downtown & Theater Senior Portraits

The battle between guy and girl sessions continues, with another point going to the guys! Maybe even multiple points! I really enjoyed meeting Cole and his mom, and being able to create these senior photos for them.

cole downtown auburn senior portraits lauren beesley photography

Cole is a really cool guy. One awesome part of who Cole is is his connection to theater. He has been involved in many plays over the years, even as a student director! It's no secret I love incorporating peoples' interests into sessions, but I think the opportunity we had to do that for this session is easily my favorite since I started this business.

When we found out we had permission to use the theater for his senior session, I was so excited to be able to use the space, the seats, the aisles, the stage, and some off camera lighting to really create something a bit out of my usual natural light style, but that was better suited to capture Cole in his element, in a place that is so much a part of his experience at Auburn High School.

Here are some of mine and Cole's mom's favorites! Be sure to keep scrolling to see how we used some of these images to create custom Graduation announcements for Cole!

auburn high school theater senior portraits lauren beesley photography
auburn high school graduation announcement lauren beesley photography