Galentine's Day 2018 | Lauren Beesley Photography | Alabama Portrait Photographer

It's February! This month, it is all about love. Which means hearts and roses and chocolate, romantic comedies, big date plans, and proposals.....and possibly the greatest invented holiday since Friendsgiving - GALENTINE'S DAY.

If you're living under a rock, or have never watched Parks and Rec, (or both), Galentine's Day is where you get together with your girls, forget about the stereotypical V-Day hype for a minute, and just celebrate the blessing that is friendship and sisterhood. The older I get, the more I value the relationships we build as women. We go through so many similar and shared experiences, and we have an amazing power to lift each other up. Let's take the opportunity to do that this month.

So how will YOU celebrate each other? Here is an idea that literally cannot fail.

Two words: Galentine's Brunch

This is just classic, and I seriously don't know anyone who doesn't like brunch. I have a friend who does the BEST brunch gatherings, so I am not even going to pretend I didn't steal some ideas from her. What you'll need:

1. Food! A super easy and brilliant crowd pleaser - Waffle Bar. I know. Genius. Make a bunch of plain waffles, and set up a table with all the best toppings - fresh fruit, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, syrup, whipped cream, candy heart confetti sprinkles. Do it big. 

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galentines day lauren beesley photography-8159.jpg
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2. Decorations! I have simple tastes. For my Galentine's brunch, I opted for classic red and white heart shaped doilies, some sparkly heart confetti, and red flowers.

3. Entertainment! This is going to depend on your crowd. For me, I'd probably go with a Spotify playlist of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. Because I am a sucker for that old school sound, and it still leaves room to just catch up with friends you don't always have time to talk to. For you it might be an Ed Sheeran inspired list, or maybe a classic chick flick is more your style (Princess Bride or Pride & Predjudice are my go-tos).

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BONUS: Totally optional addition, but if we're celebrating our friends on this holiday, we might as well do it right. Plan in some time to show your friends that you care about them. Arrange a gift exchange, or give something else of sentimental value like letters or an act of service. Give each guest a spotlight moment, and let everyone else share a compliment or kind thought about them. Make sure every person leaves feeling loved and appreciated.

However you celebrate Galentine's Day, big or small, in person or long distance, at home or out on the town, I hope you find yourself in the company of good friends. I hope you are uplifted and that your relationships grow stronger. And if you feel alone, I hope you know you are a one of a kind, irreplaceable, beautiful human and you are so worthy of love. Happy Galentine's Day to all of you!


Lauren Beesley