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I’m guilty. I tend to dislike photos of myself, and hide safely behind my camera at family gatherings. My husband hates having his photo taken. We take TONS of pictures of our baby, but how often are we in the frame with her? Does this sound familiar, moms and dads?

There will be lots of New Year's resolutions made this month, and I’m writing this post today to challenge you to get in FRONT of the camera this year! I am a strong believer that being present in photos with our children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, and really that we can give ourselves too. I adore aged and faded photographs of my family members from generations past, on their wedding day, holding their first child, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Comparing their young, carefree childhood expressions to the wise and loving care in their faces many years later. Our children grow so fast that sometimes we forget we do too.

Be present in your photos! Don’t hide behind your camera or cell phone. Whether you come to me for professional photos, or use another photographer, set up a tripod and timer, or pass your phone to a friend or relative for a quick picture, I hope you will accept this challenge!

Beesley family photos taken by Amy Thomas, edited by Lauren Beesley Photography

lauren beesley family photos by Amy Thomas.jpg